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What People Are Saying About Julia Loggins' Collection

Julia Loggins' deeply personal style of communication draws us into dialogue with a warm, wise, and loving friend who sees us, truly sees us and wholeheartedly approves of what she sees. Through her own example, we are encouraged to journey beyond seeking others approval—delicious but only temporarily fulfilling and always leaving us craving more—to our own, the unqualified self acceptance that will free us for all of our days. This book is Julia’s menu for our very own banquet. Indulge. Imbibe. Saver who and what you already are dashes wonderful, wonderful you!

Robin Norwood

Julia's "Protein Power" is by far the best tasting protein supplement (actually, it's incredibly delicious). I have ever tasted! I believe it’s because the monk fruit tastes like a natural sugar. It’s just the right amount of sweetness without any weird aftertaste. Julia hit the jackpot when discovering this unique sweetener! I am grateful that she created such a healthy, energetic, and great tasting product! 💓💓

Becky Arthur

Julia introduced my family to her "Protein Power" when my baby was 18 months old. With severe food allergies, she hated to eat in the morning as she associated it with hurting.  Julia sent her "Protein Power" and  IT CHANGED OUR LIVES! As a mom, I could cry because this protein was a life saver when I was desperate for an answer. My kiddos ask for it and it’s a daily part of my nutrition!

Amy Wilson

"I love "Protein Power!" The monk fruit sweetener tastes so much better than stevia -- with no bitter after-taste. Julia's "Protein Power" is my go-to breakfast--sometimes even lunch. It gives me the non-stop energy I need, When I am over-busy I know my protein intake is ample, It mixes easily & tastes great with just water! I've tried many protein powders & nothing compares to this." Thanks, Julia!

Elaine Abercrombie

I love Julia's monk fruit sweetened "Protein Power." Living up to its name, this protein is truly adding power to my diet. Gentle & easy to digest, it speaks to my very sensitive stomach. Normally, I am unable to take protein powders, Therefore, this product is a nutritional boost-upping the quality and quantity of my nourishment As an extra bonus, it tastes great and is now a staple of my diet. 

Edlira Bejo

I'm so happy to have found Julia's Products! They have saved me. With my busy schedule, I use Julia's "Protein Power" as a meal supplement with no SUGAR. Did you hear me NO SUGAR! When I eat meat, I don't worry about being bloated or gassy because I use the enzymes to help with digestion. Thanks Julia,for these amazing products! They are life saving--my gut and brain thank you!

Andrea Andrea Carroccio

I am happy to report that I just consumed my first yummy glass of Julia Loggins' new All Day Energy Chocolate Protein Powder! It is so, so, so delicious! How in the world can something this tasty, be so good for me? It has certainly become my favorite new daily ritual now.

Lisa Proctor

 I am so thankful for Julia Loggins! I have been to numerous doctors and tried many herbs and homeopathic remedies, none of which have helped. Julia's herbs TRULY WORK! Within two days I was seeing results! The Happy Gut Cleanse and Enzyme Energy are amazing—I could not be MORE excited about it! I seriously have never felt this good before. I am THRILLED!

Lila Weinstein

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