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Food Combining Chart

Food Combining Chart

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Stop Confusing Your Stomach with the Wrong Food Order

Food combining is a life-changing gut hack. My client Jane Lamp says, “I lost 15 pounds in three months just by food combining! I did not count calories or change one other thing. I just followed Julia’s food combing chart, and it was so easy.”

Understanding Digestive Functioning

Yes, it really is that easy. The practice of properly combining foods is based on the understanding of how digestion works. The body releases specific digestive enzymes for each food group. When many types of foods are consumed at one time, enzyme production slows and food sits in the stomach like a rock. That is one reason why digestive enzymes, such as Enzyme Energy, are so critical to digestion.

However, even with digestive enzymes, eating foods from multiple food groups, for instance, carbs, proteins, fats, and fruits, slows digestion and halts metabolism. This creates bloat, weight gain, toxicity, inflammation, brain fog, and constipation.

How Can Proper Food Combining Heal Digestive Distress?

How do you feel after eating Thanksgiving dinner? Many people spend the rest of the day on the couch. Much of this fatigue has to do with the many types of foods consumed on holidays, in one huge meal. Yet, most cuisines are based on using proteins, carbs, and fats in one dish. This is why so many people struggle with obesity, blood sugar, and inflammatory disease. Their digestion is just not functioning optimally.

Heal Digestive Disfunction with Correct Food Combining

Food combining is one answer for healing digestive distress. This powerful concept was popularized by the 1990’s best-seller Fit For Life, which documented this sensible understanding of digestive health. If you have any questions once you receive your chart, contact me in the chat box.

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Paula Harrington

Food Combining Chart

Andrea Bashkingy
A great guide line

I love this guild le line to help my digestive system. It has really helped and I no longer need lansoprazol. I also take probiotics and enzymes with eat meal as Julia recommended. Thank you for your help.

Barbara Bizik
Food combined chart

It's kind of confusing. I was hoping you had a post on how it works.
Thank you for check back. Barb B.