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Private Gut Health Coaching with Julia Loggins
Private Gut Health Coaching with Julia Loggins
Private Gut Health Coaching with Julia Loggins
Private Gut Health Coaching with Julia Loggins

Private Gut Health Coaching with Julia Loggins

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Gut Health is Priceless!

Have you been suffering with chronic gut issues for years? Are you confused about what to eat and what supplements to take? Have you been told that your condition is “incurable”? Don’t buy it! Reducing symptoms and flares, reclaiming energy and joy—these are all attainable goals.

In your private session with Julia, you will explore the root cause of your condition and symptoms. The next step is to create a personal plan based on your history, lifestyle, and health goals. You will learn simple protocols and practices to transform your body, mind and spirit. Life in a pain-free body is your birthright.

What Makes Julia Loggins a Gut Health Expert?

In the experience she gained from saving her own life—and helping thousands save theirs—Julia’s insight, perspective and experience can streamline your health journey.

Ms. Loggins, a Certified Colon Therapist, has helped thousands heal over her 40-year career as a Gut Health Expert in private practice in Santa Barbara, California.

Ms. Loggins received her Health Educator’s Certification from Hippocrates Health Institute in 1983 and trained with Dr. Ann Wigmore and Dr. Brian Clement in facilitating the reversal of chronic and acute illness. She holds a certification from the Whole Body Institute in mind/body reproductive health. However, her childhood experience of life-threatening illness, and saving her own life, is her most profound credential in understanding the nuances of healing mind and body.

Julia Loggins—Gut Health Author

The author of two books, Dare to Detoxify and It Takes Guts to be Happy!, Ms. Loggins created a line of products designed for gut-sensitive people. Her online gut education includes weekly live Happy Gut Tribe calls—community support is critical for healing.

Ms. Loggins believes there is no black-and-white thinking with regards to our health, focusing on a team strategy for healing, aligning with both allopathic and alternative medical doctors and practitioners.

Do not struggle alone or reinvent the wheel. Experience a one-on-one session with Julia Loggins and say "Yes!" to transforming your life, and your health, today.

Customer Reviews

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Sara Salmela
My diverticulitis questions

When I spoke with Julia, she helped reassure me that she could help my chronic diverticulitis. She answered all my questions. I told her what the things I was doing, and she gave me some more pointers. I would recommend her. She also gave me some more food choices.

Jeff D.

Had a 30 min call with Julia and it was great. She really helped me by answering a lot of questions I had about a recent diagnosis of Diverticulitis.

I am glad I reached out to her.
I highly recommend it.
She truly is a kind human being and I am grateful for her and the information she provided me on getting my eating and health back on track.
Thanks Julia.

Lesley Hamer
Julia is an answer to prayer!

After 3 bouts of diverticulitis in 3 years I was desperate to find a solution. Many hours of research later I learned of Julia Loggins and my journey to healing began. After a phone consultation and a new diverticulitis diet I was on my way! Julia’s advice, coupled with digestive enzymes and her books, helped me begin my healing process. I found a local colon hydro-therapist (a new experience!) and haven’t felt this good in ages. Julia has a gift and, with her help, I’m excited to begin my healing adventure!!

Walker Smith
Above and Beyond

Julia was so kind and courteous. She listened to everything I was struggling with and was very thoughtful in her recommendations and even stayed on the phone for an extra 15 minutes! I can’t recommend consulting her help enough!