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PH Strips

PH Strips

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Why is testing your pH important? Because our bodies’ acid/alkaline balance — otherwise known as pH — is critical to our health. An imbalance leads to low energy, slow digestion and elimination, hormone concerns, depression, weight gain and inflammation. Serious symptoms of pH imbalance are immune breakdown, disease and stressed organ function. That is why testing our pH daily is so important.

It’s easy to do with these wonderful, easy-to-use pH strips. Able to be used for both saliva and urine, these ultra-sensitive strips give an accurate reading of your body’s current pH status in just 15 seconds, allowing you to test your acid-alkaline balance right in your own home. Quickly identify any acid risks and take action to restore your body’s natural, healthy alkalinity with these ultra-clear indicators.

To test urine:

Test the first and second urine of your day and record the average reading. To test, briefly place the pH strip in the urine stream, shake any excess fluid and wait 15 seconds for your pH reading.

To test saliva:

Two hours after eating, spit saliva into a spoon and dip a pH strip into the fluid. After 15 seconds, your pH level will appear.

Maintain your healthy lifestyle!

Typically, a reading of pH 7.0+ is considered perfect, pH 6.5 is acidic and below pH 6.0 is very acidic. Test 2-3 times per day and over long periods of time to get your average reading. Once you have recorded your results, it is recommended that you consult with your healthcare provider.

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Be sure to replace the cap tightly and immediately after use. Do not touch the test areas of the strips. Store in a cool, dry place. These strips are for in vitro use only.