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Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack
Flat Belly Pack

Flat Belly Pack

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Flat Belly Pack—A Priceless Value

Includes Julia's Most Popular Gut Health Supplement
The Happy Gut Cleanse30 capsules
Best Supplement to Fully Digest Food
Enzyme Energy90 capsules 
Dare to Detoxify!Digital Book Download by Julia Loggins $24.95
It Takes Guts to be Happy! A 21-Day Cleansing Plan to Heal Your Belly & Recharge Your Life Workbook—Digital Workbook Download by Julia Loggins $24.95
The Coffee Enema Home Training Video27-minute video + Instruction Manual9-pages with BONUSBreathe with Kimberly Rose 1-hour Breathwork to Open Drainage Pathways $49.00

Why Does My Belly Seem Enlarged?

Flat bellies are not directly related to your weight, age, or doing massive sit-ups. In fact, if you crave a flat belly, you must first address your gut health. Poor gut health can cause unsightly belly swelling. Ironically, some cultures actually define a round belly as a symbol of wealth. Yet, contemporary culture tends to view a flat tummy as an indicator of gut health and beauty.

For a Flat Belly, Take Digestive Enzymes

Unfortunately, undigested food can cause gas, bloating, and constipation. However, enzymes may minimize digestive distress that often causes a swollen belly. For best results, digestive enzyme supplements should include hydrochloric acid. Only HCL can digest protein within the stomach. Yet, many products on the market include excessive amounts of HCL that often cause heartburn and acid reflux. For that reason, Julia's Enzyme Energy supplement includes 325 mg of HCL—the correct amount for healthy consumption.

Julia's Flat Belly Pack includes the dynamic duo for exceptional gut health—a 90-capsule bottle of digestive enzymes as well as a 30-capsule bottle of The Happy Gut Cleanse.

Coffee Enema Home Training Video by Julia Loggins

Colon cleansing releases impacted waste, detoxifies the liver, makes for fat loss, as well as reduces belly swelling. In response to the Frequently Asked Question, “How do I give myself a coffee enema?” Julia created a Coffee Enema Training Video. Julia's Coffee Enema Training Video teaches you, step by step, how to practice safe, simple, and effective colon cleansing at home.

This Flat Belly Pack would be incomplete without Julia's thorough educational materials. She has included her popular books, It Takes Guts to be Happy! and Dare to Detoxify! The combination of Julia's supplements and educational materials will help you understand the entire process of developing and maintaining a flat belly. This is how you can become your most beautiful and energetic self.

Read some testimonials for Julia's Coffee Enema Training Video below.

"This is a priceless resource! I am so grateful for this step-by-step, detailed guide that answers all my questions and I appreciate being able to return to this again and again for the help! I am so grateful for the information. Everything I’ve seen online was nowhere near as thorough. Thank you, Julia!" —Michelle R.

"Julia is a genius! I have worked with her for years and one of my all-time favorite protocols is the coffee enema. Indeed, my body reacts extremely well to the coffee enema and I feel as if I can take on the world after it’s done. Make sure to purchase this guide as the process is delicate. Bravo to you Julia!" —Nicole W.

Customer Reviews

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Rita Zeak
Awesome products

I have been struggling with bloat, constipation and pain for years. I went to several GI physicians without getting answers. Tried so many products. Your Happy gut cleanse and digestive enzymes have helped me so much. All of your videos and recommendations have also been so helpful. I really believe I am on the mend. Thak you Julia !

Karen Drost
Less bloating! Happy belly!

Thank~you for making the happy gut cleanse & energy enzyme formulations! My digestive system feels balanced and healthy! I’m very appreciative! 🙏

Lasting Results!

Flat Belly products are touted all over the Internet and so many claim instant results. The problem with this is that if the results are instant, they are not lasting. So, at last, Julia Loggins who has been working as a gut health expert for 35 years teaches how to achieve the illusive flat belly. In this Flat Belly Pack, she includes 2 products that go to the source of the problem—bloating and injured metabolism. This is not a quick fix but it really works! Julia includes her It Takes Guts to Be Happy! workbook in this Flat Belly Pack, where you learn the basics of cleansing your body and stopping the inflammation that causes a swollen belly. I highly recommend the Flat Belly Pack.