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Fertility Support Sessions
Fertility Support Sessions
Fertility Support Sessions
Fertility Support Sessions

Fertility Support Sessions

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Are you or a loved one struggling with infertility?
Have you been told you’re too old to have a child?
Would you like to enhance your chances with IVF?

Julia Loggins, a certified Whole Person Fertility Counselor, may have the answers you’ve been looking for. A protege of Niravi Payne, an internationally recognized leader in the field of mind-body fertility, Julia struggled with infertility herself. After four miscarriages, through Ms. Payne’s guidance, after only three months, she successfully conceived her first child, Luke, and became passionately dedicated to helping others do the same. As Ms. Payne’s protege for ten years, she is honored to carry on her revolutionary work.

The Whole Person Fertility Program involves the dissection of the emotional barriers to conception. This work:

  1. Enhances one’s natural ability to conceive and hold a pregnancy to term
  2. Increases the effectiveness of natural and medical fertility treatments, such as IVF
  3. Breaks through age barriers

And, of course, we look at factors such as diet, toxicity, trauma, and digestive functioning, all factors in supporting a resilient pregnancy and birthing a strong, healthy child.

If you are interested in further exploring how this work may benefit you or a loved one, use this link to schedule a session. I would love to talk to you!