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Mastering Menopause Makeover

Are you struggling with mood swings and burn-out? How about bloating, fatigue—a tire around your middle?
Do you feel old?
That was me

A True Story

My health was once a "hopeless" situation.
Doctors proclaimed I would not live past 17.
Once I did, they said I would never have children.

Julia LogginsHowever, defying their predictions ... I lived. And, since I had first saved my own life, I have been able to help thousands save theirs.

No one in my circles could have imagined that I would grow to be that lucky mama belowholding the hands of my beautiful daughter! Again, I had defied doctor diagnoses.

Born Allergic to Everything

I was born “allergic to the twentieth century.” My body’s reactions to environmental pollutants, toxic foods, and household chemicals spawned life-threatening asthma by the time I was age five. By 10, I suffered with migraines, bleeding ulcers, colitis, rheumatoid arthritisplus diverticulitis. While on steroids for 12 years, I endured three near-death scares due to anaphylactic shock. My family lost hope that I would live past my teens.

If I Can Heal, So Can You 

Julia LogginsIt did not happen overnight, but I finally found the keys out of my Hell! For the next ten years, I was lucky enough to be invited to study with pioneers of the natural health movement, as well as icons in mind-body psychology.

Meanwhile, as I built my hydrocolon therapy practice, the first round of clients who came were seriously ill and had lost all hope and will power. Since then, in 37 years of practice, I have lead thousands to find the will power and tools to heal their digestion, shed bloat and brain fog, and activate the high energy they thought only belonged to top-shelf athletes.

And, I was not going to kiss all that goodbye just because menopause hit—and I don’t want you to, either. Flabby and crabby is not our new normal.

Don't Let Menopause Make You Old

My Mastering Menopause Makeover Course will give you the tools and support to reverse the aging process and truly thrive! Anticipate the joy of the productive, passionate, pain-free life you deservewith real and sustainable lifestyle hacks that stimulate noticeable shifts.

Something I’ve learned along the way is that access to the best tools and information is not enough! Personal support, accountability, and community is what makes THE DIFFERENCE between continued frustration and newfound success! That is why this course is different than any other program available today.

Support & Accountability Create Success

The Mastering Menopause Makeover provides real-time weekly TikTok Live videos and a private Facebook group. Ready to HEAL YOUR BODY AND LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS? Join our intimate community of like-minded women who will inspire you to chase and catch your goals, and live your dreams!

First steps first. I know how excruciating it is to look for purpose and passion when you feel like crap and can barely get out of bed. No matter how you feel right now, I want you to know that you are so important and so special! Recall that you are a fountain of wisdom, maturity and experience. So, take that first baby step to tap into your depth, and start today!

The Best is Yet to Come!

I want you to do what you were put on earth to dofrom playing with grandchildren to traveling the world. Perhaps you dream to be the founder of a heart-centered projectwith more energy, focus, and optimism than you’ve ever felt before!



In the words of Mary Oliver,
“What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert & Author

Julia Loggins,
Author & Digestive Health Consultant,
Santa Barbara, California

My Menopause Story

At age 49, I felt depressed, bloated, and frustrated beyond belief. I woke up every morning wondering how I’d find the energy to work and take care of my kids without having a nervous breakdown. If this is the life you've never wanted ... I’ve been there too!


By then, my colon hydrotherapy practice was nearly 20 years old. I had come to realize through my clients, first-hand, the surprising reality that health and vitality is born in the gut.


In a quest for the Fountain of Youth, I came across some of the world's most knowledgeable anti-aging sages. Digging deep, I studied, learned, experimented, and made some mistakes.


My study with the sages helped me understand that menopause can inspire metamorphosis. So Chapter 2 in the book of my life is a whole new story! My moods shifted. Energy, well-being, and creativity exploded! That unique sparkle of beauty returned to me ... and so can yours.


Symptoms that Zap Sparkle & Keep You from Soaring:






Good Genes Is Not My Crutch

I want to assure you that "good genes" was not my magic formula. Be the best you’ve ever been (without "good genes")—at 50, 60, 70 ... and beyond. I will show you how!

The Mastering Menopause Makeover Course takes you through a menopause module within the 34 course modules, and includes weekly group coaching calls with Julia Loggins.

Mastering Menopause Makeover is Unlike Any Course or Cleanse You’ve Ever Done!

Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverLearn what foods fuel your body
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverReverse that nagging aging process
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverKick sugar and junk food—with ease
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverAlkalize your body to protect your bones
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverPrepare healthy meals in under 30 minutes!
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverRewrite the script of your life with action steps
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverUse techniques that reduce inflammation & pain
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverDefine your goals for the next chapter of your life
Julia Loggins - Revolutionary Beauty MakeoverFinish a 21-Day Cleanse without feeling "hangry"


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