Dare to Detoxify! Digital Edition

Dare to Detoxify! Digital Edition

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Allergic to the Twentieth Century

A true story–Julia Loggins was born “allergic to the twentieth century!” Her body’s reactions to pollutants, foods, and chemicals caused life-threatening asthma at five years old.

Then she grew worse. At ten, she endured “old people's” diseases: arthritis, migraines, bleeding ulcers, colitis, and diverticulitis. Surviving three near-death encounters, her family gave up hope for her to survive beyond her teens. Not only did she survive, but she thrived.

“Dare to Detoxify!” reveals the energy, beauty, and well-being secrets that saved her life. Your personal guide to optimizing your health naturally. Julia Loggins' book reveals the power of detoxification, beginning with the miraculous success of healing her own body. Ms. Loggins teaches 35 years of experience in body cleansing and detoxification principles.  

This book includes client stories, tools, and techniques such as the 21 Day Detox Diet, keys to food combining, alkaline/acid balance, colon cleansing, and lymphatic therapy. This book shows how these tools allowed clients and readers alike to safely release years of unwanted weight and toxicity. 

Dare to Detoxify! is a guide that teaches why we all need to detox regularly to thrive in our compromised environment; and how digestion is linked to health, energy, and weight loss. Julia Loggins' book is about healing and reclaiming your energy, mental clarity, and unbounded enthusiasm for life.