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Gut Health Made Easy with Gut Papers

Julia's Gut Papers Make Gut Health Easy

Does eating right, losing belly fat, and healing inflammation seem like an overwhelming task? Julia's The Gut Papers provide a step-by-step approach to a heathy gut. The Gut Papers—which Julia nicknamed the “Gut Cheat Sheets”—are bite-sized digital downloads. Each is a user-friendly tool that provides instant information. Many questions that Julia encounters from clients is answered in these digital downloads. You will not need to spend hours searching the internet, all the information is at your fingertips.

Questions About Poor Gut Health

  • What foods combine well together for optimal digestion and weight loss?
  • When can I eat fruit?
  • What foods digest well with fat?
  • What recipes offer fast, delicious food that is healthy for my gut?
  • How can I perform a coffee enema at home?
  • What protocols heal hemorrhoids?
  • What foods are best for Blood Type O, and which should I avoid?

Food Combining Chart Aids Healthy Digestion

The Gut Papers answer all these questions and more. You will receive a Food Combining Chart to help navigate the order of food consumption. Annoying and painful conditions such as bloat, indigestion, constipation, and brain fog are dramatically reduced when you follow the food combining protocol.

With improper digestion, you may not be assimilating nutrients. In these cases, you may feel exhausted after you eat and experience blood sugar crashes. Allergies can be triggered by undigested food in the gut. Consequently, food combining helps heal the root cause of inflammatory gut conditions such as diverticulitis, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

How to Eliminate Hemorrhoids

Hardly anyone talks about hemorrhoids. Knowing what to do to relieve pain, calm tender, swollen tissue is important information. As a colon therapist of 40 years, Julia Loggins has seen a lot of hemorrhoids. This DIY guide is designed to stop recurrent hemorrhoids and to help you become symptom-free. If your hemorrhoids bleed or cause continual discomfort, speak to a medical professional. However, due to stressful lifestyles, even medically-treated hemorrhoids may return.

How to Perform a Coffee Enema at Home

Coffee enemas are a transformative tool to heal the gut. In the privacy of your own home, coffee enemas give your body a healing treatment that can:

  • Immediately relieve constipation
  • Release toxins from the liver
  • Reduce headaches and brain fog
  • Boost serotonin and uplift mood
  • Heal the root cause of inflammatory gut conditions
  • Relieve anxiety and depression

Contact Julia Loggins through on the Cleansing for Energy Chat box for additional support for your first coffee enemas.

Julia's Famous Gut Healthy Recipes

Since Julia is not Martha Stewart, she does not have hours to play in the kitchen. Julia's Famous Gut Healthy Recipes are designed to be prepped and made in under 20 minutes. This beautifully constructed package includes 7 easy gut-healthy recipes. Stress, unusual food choices, and travel often produce indigestion and discomfort. These gut-healthy recipe options will help you glide through life without bloat, constipation, or inflammation. People love them. 

What to Eat with Blood Type O?

Blood Type O is one of the most common blood types. Julia provides a detailed 9-page digital download which includes instructions for Blood Type O people. In collaboration with Dr. Julia T. Hunter, Julia Loggins discovered that one may expect the following from eating according to their blood type diet: 

  • Reduction of chronic inflammation 
  • Reduction of bloat, gas and constipation
  • Weight loss without counting calories 
  • Blood sugar balance 
  • Maximum energy 
  • Mental clarity and elimination of brain fog  
  • Uplifted mood 
  • Reduction in inflammatory gut issues 
  • Ease in food choices 
  • Strengthened immunity and glowing skin 

Get The Gut Papers for Half-Price

The Gut Papers encompass five points of powerful basics to improve common issues affecting gut health. These whitepapers include: How to Orchestrate a Home Coffee EnemaFood Combining ChartHow to Eliminate Your Hemorrhoids, Blood Typo O Gut-Health Guide, and Julia's Famous Gut Healthy Recipes. These quick but powerful digital downloads by Julia Loggins will help you learn immediate fixes for repetitive symptoms associated with gut dysfunction.

To your health,

Julia Loggins,
Author & Digestive Health Consultant,
Santa Barbara, California

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