Immunity VS. Pathogens: Immune System Fitness

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Five-Steps to Stronger Immunity

1. Regular Exercise. Exercise is shown to support the major components of the immune system. Exercise also improves overall fitness, stabilizes blood pressure, prevents arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, and more.

2. Vitamin Sun. The most powerful vitamin D emanates from the sun. Enjoy daily sunlight to ensure a stable vitamin D intake—a vital key to a healthy immune system.

3. Minimize Stress. Keep your stress low to allow your hormones to function smoothly. Your hormone system directly supports your immune system. Meditate or pray daily to relax the brain and lower stress.

4. Healthy Gut. Probiotics, as well as enzymes help your digestive system function at its peak. In fact, 80% percent of your immune system is situated in your gut. Be sure to keep your stomach healthy and happy.

5. Sleep. Getting a good night's sleep allows your entire body to rest and recover. Seven to nine hours of sleep each night is best for most people.

Julia Loggins, Author
Digestive Health Consultant,
Santa Barbara, California