Bugs Be Gone
Bugs Be Gone
Bugs Be Gone

Bugs Be Gone

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I used to think that traveling to exotic lands or eating off street carts was the only way to contract unwanted guests in the gut ... I was so wrong! They find our way to us in water, in schoolyards, in restaurants, in playgrounds, in planesyou name it, bugs live there.

From my 35 years as a colon therapist, I have discovered that at some point, almost all of us will experience the symptoms of hosting parasites, bacteria, and fungus. If you are struggling with gas, bloating, unwarranted weight gain, headaches, brain fog, puffiness, inflammation, and fatigue, you may have bugs in your gut that you did not invite ... and we want them GONE!

BUGS BE GONE is a powerful combination of herbs that are very gentle on your body, yet tough on unwelcome guests which may be taking up residence in your intestines.

This herbal formula will:

• Protect your body from nutrient thieves
• Help to naturally restore your energy levels
• Gently protect your intestines from unwelcome guests
• Rejuvenates, soothes and nourishes the intestinal tract
• Diminish the need for instant gratification foods, including sugar and carbs

This formula is not recommended or intended for pregnant or nursing mothers.